Our Values are derived from the Four cardinal Virtues:
Temperance         Prudence          Courage            Justice     

-Maintain Healthy Relationships with All Stakeholders
-Create and Maintain an Environment that Promotes Balanced Lives
-Respect all GENUINE Forms of Belief and Cultural Diversity
-Promote Atmosphere of Community

-Good1 Ends:
   Establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers
-Good and Effective Means:
   Communicate in a positive manner, while maintaining honesty and transparency ALWAYS.
-Act Decisively:
   After cautious deliberation of potential consequence for all interested parties.  
-When Appropriate, Seek Outside Counsel:
   DO NOT take on important tasks that reach beyond level of expertise.

1Good: of a favorable character or tendency

-Take Measured Risks
-Commitment to Long-Term Outcomes
-Practice Discipline In All Affairs
-Insist Upon Fair & Reasonable Compensation

-Create and Maintain Right2 Relationships
-Provide Just Wages to All Contributors
-Share Financial Successes with All Contributors
-Know Needs and Capabilities of Employees

2Right: That which is morally correct, just, or honorable