We are not career consultants. On the contrary, we have demonstrated problem-solving and solution-execution success in numerous environments, developing our skill-sets along the way as a means of meeting real-life challenges for our employers. Moreover, our development within the midst of serving employers has been born out of ‘doing what it takes’ to move from a vision to operational realization. We have been there before, during, and after all of the challenging elements that are inherent in bringing change to ‘the way we’ve always done it.’ We have dedicated ourselves to improving corporate performance, incurring personal sacrifice well beyond the scope of our ‘job description.’ Unlike our competitors, we’ve done this ‘at risk,’ accepting additional incremental workloads in the absence of guaranteed incremental financial gains. So, as a corporate manager facing challenges, do you seek a team that’s been through the same challenges you face and have lived with the solutions? Do you seek guidance in finding solutions that fit your needs and enable you and your team to tackle these challenges? Are you and your team willing to exert the necessary effort in the short- and near-term to enable independence in tackling future challenges? Or, are you willing to risk long-term competency needs by choosing the apparently safer choice of career consultants? Yes, career consultants will certainly perform professionally and will do what they say they will do. But, in the end, might they design and implement solutions that really don’t address the issues that cause your true pain? Even worse, are you willing to risk long-term dependency on career consultants—turning to them all too often to provide solutions that would be best discovered in-house?This decision is indisputably difficult. The key, we believe, is spending time with each potential consulting firm; enough time to determine whether a fruitful, trusting relationship is likely to form—a relationship free of mutual, long-term dependence. We invite you to contact any of us to discuss your needs—to give us an opportunity to get to know you and your challenges.  

1st Discovery's unique perspectiveillustrated through our Corporate Context Modelshapes the lens from which we assess potential candidates. Once we set out to recruit a specific individual, the following criteria are applied in determining her fit as a potential contributor to the success of 1st Discovery and its clients:

  1. Corporate Experience – having served corporations (preferably fortune 500 and SMBs) rather than being a career consultant;
  2. Change Management Experience – having realized significant change through leadership of successful, meaningful program/project implementations;
  3. Cross-Functional Experience – having served across the functional spectrum (operations, sales, finance, product development, HR, etc);
  4. Cross-Enterprise Experience – leadership of suppliers, clients, and fellow employees in realizing meaningful change; and
  5. Meeting “Trusted Advisor” Criteria – adopted from pp.13-14 of The Trusted Advisor, David H. Maister, 2001.
    1. Listens to clients without distracting one's self with potential solutions or responses;
    2. Focuses on client as an individual rather than someone filling a role (Mary, the individual; not ACME Inc's CFO);
    3. Focuses on being of maximum service to client;
    4. Focuses on doing the next right thing, not 'controlling' outcomes;
    5. Views methodologies, skills, and knowledge as means to solutions, not as solutions themselves;
    6. Recognizes the distinction between professional and private life, understanding that both are personal.