Your success depends largely on the companies you choose to partner with.  So, it’s important that both you AND your suppliers form mutually beneficial relationships that bear long-term fruit.


 1st Discovery provides financial and market analysis that support negotiations with your supplier network.   This includes:

1.  Analyzing the value-added contributions to your business by comparing multiple vendor solutions against criteria that provides the greatest value to you company.
2.  Assessing the relationship to determine if it should serve tactical or strategic objectives.
3.  Specifying who should do what, and why.  That is, we help determine which activities increase the value of the partnership, and recommend those that will increase its value in achieving your goals.
4.  Show how your business is key to your suppliers’ success.  
Good vendor relationships facilitate improved agreements that focus on your specific business requirements. They discourage hidden agendas. Vendors learn what products and services are valued by your company and how to keep you as a client.