1st Discovery is a team of corporate veterans drawn together by a common purpose—to offer our breadth and depth of knowledge to assist our clients in meeting the demands of today's marketplace.  The volume of information available to today's executives can help create a competitive advantage; but, in many cases, creates barriers to success as executives expend an inordinate amount of time discerning what information is needed and which sources are most reliable. This dilemma often results in information-savvy companies outperforming their 'better' competitors through a simple competitive advantage in the use of information. 
The result: companies with industry-superior products and people often lose the competitive battle simply due to their deficiency in 'use of information.' 
Our team—drawing from over 20 years average experience—brings value to our clients by: 
1.    Listening and Discovering;
2.    Discerning, together with respectful interactions with our clients, root cause of deficiencies; and
3.    Designing programs that:    
       a.    meet the client's immediate needs; and     
       b.    institute processes and procedures that transform the information-deficient company into an information-savvy one.