Our services, and how we deliver them, begin with how we see the corporate world.  With significant experience working in finance organizations as an integral part of 'harmonized' business growth, 1st Discovery views the functions of finance (CFO) and program management (PMO) as inseparable.  This view, however, seems to be somewhat unique in today's fast moving environment.  Of course, finance is involved to the extent necessary, but can hardly be considered integral to most business development organizations.  In fact, the thought of business development as a function itself is really quite misguided.  The fact is, effective business development is the result of multiple corporate functions working hand-in-hand.  Whether the business development task-at-hand revolves around sales strategy, operational capability, product development, quality and customer service, or meeting financial thresholds, the reality is that all functions should be represented and, more importantly, be equally interested.
1st Discovery's attempt at articulating the essence of corporate-wide functional involvement is best portrayed in our Corporate Context Model1.  Our service offerings are derived from our substantial experience in facilitating efforts requiring inter-functional and inter-company cooperation.  Through a cooperative mindset, "connecting the dots" throughout the enterprise transforms "painful" inter-functional changes into opportunities that potentially result in effective change to the enterprise.  Moreover, workforce relationships are strengthened, creating an environment where "people of the enterprise" contribute in new, better and more personally-fulfilling ways.  Finally, our clients benefit not only from the immediate task at hand, but from adopting continuous-improvement methodologies that bring positive, effective change on an ongoing basis. 
The combination of 1st Discovery's 'experience lens' and—through active listening—an appreciation of our clients' and prospects' fundamental viewpoint(s) facilitates 1) root cause identification, 2) an agreeable approach, and 3) through lean thinking, operational and administrative improvements.